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Hello there! Here at Aries Robotics we are focused on communicative centered engineering learning for high school age students. What does communicative centered engineering learning mean? It means that we have open group discussions regularly about what we are doing in our four main fields: Programming, Building, Designing, and Notebooking. We believe that this helps all by allowing the more experienced people at the previously mentioned fields to talk to the newer and less experienced ones so that years later we can see the circle anew with those previously less experienced now helping as a more experienced guide.

While our practices are mainly focused on FTC we also get involved with our community through outreach. Outreach is the physical expression of our team going out and helping our community and trying to spread the word of robotics. Our team has been involved in creating a YouTube channel, helping with a local robotics camp, going to middle schools to help out and give advice, and picking up trash at our community's annual MLK Day River Clean Up. With such a well rounded array of outreach, it's easy to see how we can grow inside and outside the robotics room. Here is a photo of Aries teaching Hucrest Elementary students about robotics
Roseburg High School and Hucrest Elementary Students stand in a circle learning about FIRST Tech Challenge robotics
Our last point is experience. We carry students of all abilities and help them foster a passion for robotics as much as we have, despite whatever they may or may not know how to do. We have been working hard to make our robotics team known as we excel on the field, even qualifying for Super Qualifiers in our rookie season. To conclude, we hope you can see all that Aries Robotics has to offer and we hope to share our love of robotics with you!Aries stands in a group discussing their current status in the competition. Their robot is on the table beside them

Notebooks & Plans

2018-2019 business plan
2019-2020 engineering notebook


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Co-Captain, Head Programmer
Head Engineer
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